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I used Bookit.com to book our all inclusive honeymoon vacation with round trip airport transfers to Cancun in October of 2015. We booked at the Golden Parnassus resort 1/28/2016-2/4/2016. Two days ago I emailed the resort directly to ask a few questions. I received an email back from the Golden saying our reservation has been cancelled. Today, I immediately called Bookit.com's customer service line to make sure everything was in order since we leave in 7 days.

After being on hold for almost an hour and a half I was told that due to a computer issue Bookit.com system hadn't paid the hotel and that is why they (the Hotel) cancelled our reservation. The person I was speaking with said they would find a different resort for us to go to. I specifically asked if it was going to cost more money than what I already paid. She said she would work it out with the Supervisor to cover any extra cost if there was any. This is how it should have been handled.

After being put on hold again, she came back to say they could get us in at Ocean Maya Royale. However, it was going to cost me and EXTRA $685 on top of what I already paid. So because Bookit.com computer system screwed up, I am responsible to pay extra? This is my husbands and my honeymoon! We saved for a long time to make sure we could take a honeymoon. I don't have hundreds of dollars just laying around. I think it's disgusting that Bookit.com wouldn't make it right when it was THEIR FAULT my reservation was cancelled. Not only did I have to pay an extra $685 for the hotel, I also had to pay an extra $60 for our transportation because this hotel is in a different area of Cancun.

After trying to get the first lady I talked to to cover the added cost for their system issues without and luck I asked to speak with the manager or supervisor. I sat on hold again while she connected me to him. I explained the whole situation and he told me the same thing she did. They would not cover the added cost due to their mistake. I pleaded and yelled. I asked to speak to someone higher than him. He said there was nobody else to talk to. I asked to speak with the CEO, I was denied again. All total, I spent 2 hours and 35 minutes on this phone call to get absolutely nowhere. So, according to them I had 2 choices, cancel everything and loose several hundred dollars in cancellation fees and not get to go on a honeymoon at all. Or, pay the extra cost that I really can't afford. I shouldn't have had to make that choice. I paid the extra money because I didn’t want to throw money away on cancellation fees with absolutely nothing to show for it. Now, I will not get to fully enjoy my honeymoon because I am worried about the money. I am not looking to get a free trip out of the deal. I am looking for Bookit to pay the extra cost for what they screwed up.

I see there are several other people on here that this has happened to. I've contacted the BBB, all of my local news stations (one of them responded wanting the phone number I called etc.), left a horrid review on their website which they responded to with a "someone will contact you". Nobody has as of yet. I am also working with a someone from the Star Tribune to see if they can help. If I don't hear anything soon I am going to file a complaint with the Attorney General in Florida. I am more than willing to take this to court if needed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bookit Cons: Losing money, Service.

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I would also like to file a complaint


Bookit had their credit card maxed out, that is why they got cancelled from doing business with the golden parnassius as well as numerous other hotels . The Golden had to cancel over 30 bookit reservations just in the month of January due to lack of credit on their account. They will be happy to provide you proof .


The Riu in Jamicia also said they are no longer doing business with them for not being paid .

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