Orangevale, California
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I purchased 5 airfare/hotel deals from Bookit. Our vacation included 12 other family members that we referred to Bookit.

When we arrived at SFO to depart on an American Airlines flight, the flight was overbooked and had additional AA customers trying to get the same flight for other reasons. AA offered $500 vouchers for passengers to be bumped which no one accepted. When we attempted to board in the last boarding group, we were denied access. AA did not arrange another flight for us, they took our boarding passes and told us we needed to go back to the ticketing counter for assistance.

Turns out the ticket counter was closed at 1:00 AM. We were forced to get a hotel and contact Bookit in the morning. Bookit did absolutely nothing to help with a new flight, they told us to deal with AA. Unamerican airlines told us that we needed our travel agency(Bookit) to resolve the issue because the tickets were bulk airfare rated.

After 5 hours of runaround from Bookit and UAA, we were told if we wanted to make our family reunion in Dominican Republic, we needed to buy 5 new tickets at full price. Between Bookit and AA pointing fingers at each other, I lost $4200.00 so that we could make it to our destination 24 hours later. Absolutely nothing offered up from either party.

I will never use Bookit again and hopefully never Unamerican airlines again. I will encourage every person I speak with to avoid Bookit at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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