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I booked for my whole family .. last sept.

12 of us .. To nickelodeon in DR .. total cost $20,000.00 ..

I lost my Son in law last yr . And we needed to regroup as a family and this trip was also a retirement/40th anniversary celebration.

Well that went out the window with thousands of my hard earned money.. all of a sudden they split up my trip (,which was also a pkg) and deemed 700 plus as airfare so the held almost 8000.oo total on that and gave me back the rest less the 25.oo pp which i was fine with. I knew it was NOT 700 pp to fly because children stayed free and i screenshot the breakdown which brought me to the total per family.. i paid 500 and change per child which I'm assuming is the same price for adult since airlines only charge per seat not age.

So they held that ridiculous amount but after 3 hrs on hold i needed to cancel so could to save

something .. we tried to book aruba or st lucia which airfare would have been around 700 pp but everything was booked up.. we ended up renting a home in Orlando and i bought a week pass for universal.. all on which i did directly on my own..

i still had the airfare to deal with and i was literally feeling ill thinking of what i needed to go through to even speak to bookit.. i called united directly.. i spoke to an amazing lady who tried to help .. though she couldnt completely take care of this, she did give all 12 of us seats to Orlando which she put on the same bookit reservation number so when they pull it up they only had to do the payment..

she also told me she noted her name all over it and waved the cancellation fee. She also gave me the exact price for each seat.. after 2hrs and 40 mins to call the ticket dept at bookit. I spoke to someone i hardly could understand.

he said that the florida tickets are the same price as the DR. And its a even swamp no credit. Or he can cancel what united did and give me the tickets himself but he said he might not be able to get us all on the same flight.. i was out up against the wall..

i took the assigned seats.. BUT I'M NOT DONE WITH THEM.

I lost thousands and i will go after my money once i recoup from the last dealing.. they will not get away with this!

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