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Please Read,

If your considering booking your next trip with Bookit.com please reconsider, it is truly your choice however, if you are ever needing to use there customer service you will realize right then and there you made a huge mistake, a mistake that starts with lie’s, deceit, and complete cruelty. This is what happened.

A group of us all decided to go to Mexico for a much needed vacation, my boyfriend and I decided to use Marlin Travel who gave us a great rate, shuttle service included in the price and no hassle we even put it on 2 different credit cards and it was no issue. Our friends had to book their daughter, mother, and the 2 of them. The mom was supposed to be a surprise, unfortunately with US AIRWAYS and Marlin Travel they could not do a pay delay option which was fine, they said they would just wait until they saved up enough for all of them then book with Marlin. I personally had used Bookit.com and knew about there pay delay option I recommended them to book it.com and said give them a call and see what they can do, this way at least your seats are guaranteed if they can help you out! Loan behold Bookit.com seemed to have a great option for her. They said you must pay all the flights up front and $100 to secure the hotel reservation and price. The price for 3 adults and 1 child was still a little to high so she considered just waiting and going with Marlin Travel. However, the man clearly stated to her "The flight can change however the cost for the hotel room will not go up as you secured the price by paying for it before midnight, you can call back at any time and book your mom in on this reservation and the price will remain the same so long as the flight price does not go up. This was enough to convince my friend that she should just go ahead and book her mom at a later date when she could afford to add her. She then asked if at any time I need to change my credit card on the account will that be a problem "Oh no you can change the credit card at anytime". A few weeks ago my friend called in ready to add her mom to the reservation; this is where it all went bad. They told her to add your mom you are not given the same rate at that the cost would be $2311.00 for her mom when it was $1400 per person before. She explained what the guy told her when she booked they still stated that this was not true and that if she wants to add her mom she has to pay the new rate for her mom. She called the hotel and Airlines and the airline said there price was the same and the hotel’s price still brought the total price to $1700. She stated this to them and they still refused to do anything about it claiming "They can’t change numbers". This was from a manager directly who then said they would review the transcripts and if that was stated they would decide from there. She asked if she could please change the credit card number in which they said sure but it’s a $50.00 FEE! another thing they forgot to mention, she then asked which shuttle service she would have they said she doesn’t have shuttle service and that she would have to pay $150.00 for that as well. She was very upset by this point, and said she wanted a copy of the transcripts, when they "REVIEWED" her transcript they stated that nothing was ever said of that matter and called her a lier, she than demanded a copy of it knowing that this was not true. They finally sent it to her after much hesitation with it they also sent a courteous $25.00 CREDIT for her inconvenience, reading the transcripts they CLEARY stated that her rate would be locked and and she could call back at any time to add her mother. the only thing that would change in price is the flight. Even after this and being called out they still refused to do ANYTHING about it, she asked that she be compensated with a free shuttle they said NO cause then they would have to eat that cost!! REALLY after taking how much extra from your customers you can’t even satisfy them with a courtesy shuttle? She asked to be refunded for all this hassle they said no. We are now heading on our vacation in July and hoping for the best on her end. Also when she called the hotel to ask if she could add her mom to her room they said yes but it would have to be through bookit.com and there rate was $600 for the 7 days to add to her room, the flight on US AIRWAYS was 642 making a total of $1242 when she stated this to them they said well we have our rates so we can’t change them. These people will treat you like gold to get you in, but if they make a mistake in anyway they WILL not help you they will blame you, and do everything in their power not to admit there wrong doing! I even personally emailed them and never got a response however here are the emails they sent my friend and her response, as well as my email to them! PLEASE DO NOT USE BOOKIT.COM there prices are not cheaper you can get the same rates anywhere else with a shuttle and way better customer service.

From: ******************Sent: June-10-13 11:16 AMTo: 'Lisa Sheehan - BookIt.com Guest Service Team Lead'Subject: RE: From BookIt.com®

Hi Lisa,

I’m going to apologize to you in advance for my bluntness not necessarily with you but with BOOKIT.com but I think you will understand!

I got the transcript for the call between Philip and I and thank you for same, however, there is some points I want to point out as your company has neglected to see where he did say prices are locked in but not the price of the flights. (attached is a copy for reference).

Your Company Underlined in Red and mine is in blue:

Agent: Something we can do, because I can book the resort at the package rate discount for you, is that we can go ahead and book flights for just two or three of you, however many you can today, and then we can book the resort for all four of you, and set it up on that PayDelay option (which I did do by paying for my husband, daughter and myself and putting a $100.00 deposit for the resort). Then whenever you're ready to make the purchase of the other flights, you can do that online or you can call in to book the flights over the phone. I just can't guarantee the same flights will be available, and the pricing could change on those (those referring to the flight not the resort). But at the very least, you'll have the resort secured, since this is on sale until midnight tonight, and make sure you get locked in.


Agent: And then that would just leave the one last flight for the other adult, whenever they're ready to book. Right now, the flight price is $650.57 for round-trip. But that can change, just depending on whenever they're able to book. (Again only stating that the price of the flights could change, but as previously stated because we booked at the discount price we were LOCKED in at the resort) But currently, that's what the price is at.

Agent: The $1951.71, plus $100 for the resort. $2051.71 if you do it this way. And if you needed to, we could just do the two adults for now, or whatever modification you need to do with the flights to get the price down for today.

I don’t know if you all think that I’m some sort of *** or something but I know I have done my due diligence on my part and I know what Philip said to me on April 30, 2013 and clearly from : "we can go ahead and book flights for just two or three of you, however many you can today, and then we can book the resort for all four of you, and set it up on that PayDelay option. (which again is what I did by booking the 3 of us and putting the 100.00 deposit) Then whenever you're ready to make the purchase of the other flights, you can do that online or you can call in to book the flights over the phone. I just can't guarantee the same flights will be available, and the pricing could change on those. But at the very least, you'll have the resort secured, since this is on sale until midnight tonight, and make sure you get locked in."

Philip clearly was talking about the flights and that THOSE being the flight prices could change, as I was saying on the phone, but that since we booked the hotel (RESORT) we would have that SECURED and we would have made sure by doing so before midnight that same night of April 30, 2013 we would get LOCKED IN at the resort.

There has not been a misunderstanding but clearly a misrepresentation on your companies end, and as far as I can see and understand your company owes me a full explanation on the above because I know I am right and only prices of the flights were to change but the resort since paying for it in advance was SECURED and we were LOCKED IN.

I’m sorry I don’t mean to be outright rude or disrespectful in anyway but I am not happy and as a "valued customer" this should be fixed accordingly, and even so with the chance it is more than likely my mother will not be joining us because of so much misrepresentation, I at the very least deserve an apology and be compensated for same.

I hope that after so much hardship on your companies end I will be able to enjoy my vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico with no more misleading information and trust that from here on out everything will be able to transition smoothly.

Thank you,From: Lisa Sheehan - BookIt.com Guest Service Team Lead [mailto:****.*******@bookit.com]Sent: June-07-13 10:22 PMTo: *****************Subject: From BookIt.com®

Dear Ms. Hernandez,

Thank you for taking the time to contact BookIt.com®, and comment on your recent concerns. I would like to sincerely apologize for any inconveniences you may have encountered. As a token of our appreciation to you, BookIt.com® is pleased to extend a future credit in the amount of $25.00 USD. This future credit can either be applied to a BookIt.com® Best Rate Guaranteed Property, or activity.

This offer is valid for your consideration for the next 7 business days. If you would like to accept this offer you can simply reply to this e-mail stating "I accept." If you have any further questions or concerns relating to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached through our Guest Services Department at 866.969.9880, ext ****. I am available Thursday through Monday from 2:00 PM until 11:00 PM (CST). Please be advised that I am in a position that requires me to be away from my desk quite frequently. In the event that you are unable to reach me, any member of our Guest Services Team will be able to assist you.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you. I hope you have a wonderful evening.

Kind regards,

Lisa Sheehan

And my letter to them

I am very disappointed in the actions, lies, and ultimate decisions made by your company. I have used your website on a few occasions to book trips. I personally never had to call the customer service department so I wasn't aware of how bad it truly is. I was recommended to you by a friend, I then recommended you to a friend of mine! The best way to conduct successful business is word of mouth. When you satisfy your customers and show that you are true to your word even in the event of a mishap this goes along way. As that customer will then state to their friends "Yes I had an issue but it was promptly resolved I would use them".

Here's my issue a group of us booked a vacation to Mexico for July 10-17, I personally decided to go with Marlin Travel this time as they offered me a better rate then your website. On top of offering me the better rate they got me airport transfer for no extra charge. (Which is included on the US AIRWAYS website). Our friends couldn't pay the full price of the trip up front but wanted to ensure there flights and seats, I recommended you to them as you do the pay delay. When she called to book she was still unsure if she wanted to use your company, and contemplated going with Marlin Travel and just waiting a little bit and risking loosing there flight seats. However, you stated to her on the phone not to worry that when she was ready to book her mom, she would be able to call back at any time and add her to the reservation, at the same price as what she paid for herself. This selling feature is what caused her to book with you and not Marlin Travel. A week ago she decided to call in and get her mom booked in, she was told that whatever they said to her before was not the case and that she would have to pay $2300 from the $1400 that she paid per person for herself, when she confronted the issue she was told to bad this is the price.She then called back and waited on hold for a very long time only to be lied to again and told that this was how it is and you can't change numbers. This is seriously a lie and unfair treatment. She was then told they would go back and review the phone call to see if she was telling the truth, in which case they told her they would email her the results. She and I had already contacted the hotel who stated that so long as the guest is staying in the same room and they are just adding the existing reservation there should be no need to charge that much. You could go online and book the flight and hotel separately for cheaper than that. Marlin travel said your ways are outrageous and completely ridiculous. She then asked to be refunded you stated no.However, she received another email saying that if the phone call comes back stating what she said happened you would adjust the price to the same rates? How can that be when a day ago she was told you CANNOT change numbers! I am so sad that she is dealing with this ***, I have decided to personally never use your services again, as well the person who referred me also agreed after seeing that treatment they will also never use your services. I will complain on every site I can about your abuse to my friend and I promise to ensure anyone thinking of booking a trip never to use you! That's my condolences to you for treating your customers this way. After reading reviews it seems you have many complaints about your customer services. Do you read these? Do you care? Or do you figure you can continue your business treating your customers this way? It may work for now however, things will stream threw the grapevine eventually. No business is safe that's why when you see a customer with an issue that was your fault to start with, you as a company should do everything you can to fix it and be a competition to other companies that would treat there customers well.

In my opinion you should have swallowed your pride treated her with respect, given her the rate she deserved to bring her mother, and also as an inconvience thrown in a free shuttle service. Please read your statement below! And please note any rude emails sent back to me, or disrespectful in anyway I will post to all your sites with reviews and show as many people as I can your LACK of customer service. Also any response not given I will also post and let others know of your LACK of customer service. Maybe for once you could swallow your pride do what's right and fix your mistake with this customer! Her name is Mayra Hernandez. She now has to tell her poor mother who she promised a trip to Mexico she can't go because of your lies, and treatment.Thank you Bookit.com for not only ruining her vacation but ruining her mother's chance at getting away. But you don't really care do you?That would be called having compassion and good customer service and from many reviews that seems to be something you don't have.

At BookIt.com® we take Guest Support very seriously. In fact, one of our core values states that if our Guests are merely satisfied, we haven't done our job. Total Guest elation is our goal, and we work tirelessly to ensure that each and every Guest is so elated with their experience that they stop conversations to tell others about us.


*** M****

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Vacation Package Booking.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

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girl bye. folks always trying to scam the system.

simple resolution: if you cant afford to go - dont go!

If you need a payment plan for a vacation you probably shouldnt be going. that is like being on food stamps and going on vacation

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