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I booked a hotel reservation with BookIt.com and agreed to pay a certain amount. Then I get the hotel confirmation and it is a completely different amount!!! I was charged almost double!! This is misleading and fraud. Don't bother booking with them- it'll be more later.

Then when I called them about it, the customer rep said there computer system apparently allows this change and the customers are screwed paying what the new, HIGHER amount it. They don't care and didn't bother to help me.

I travel a lot and this is by far the worst!!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.


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Medford, Oregon, United States #721241

WOW!Where to begin.

Me and my fiancé booked a Hawaii honey moon through bookit.com back in Feb 2013. I paid my flight tickets in advance and was making payments on their Pay Delay program for the rest of the trip such as hotel, and tours etc. As we got closer to the wedding date, we realized that we would not be able to make this trip for medical reasons. My doctor advised me that he did not want me to travel that far out until I healed from surgery.

So we decided to make a change to a nice Las Vegas trip closer to home instead. I was told that I could exchange my flight to a flight credit to Las Vegas and after my fiancé made up a sweet romance package which took a couple of hours out of her day, I contacted Bookit.com to give them the new Hotel and tours package deal. They booked all the stuff we wanted to due and I paid an additional $1,541.99 and was told that my tickets would be handled and I would get my flight credits. This was over a week ago.

Today I get an email from Bookit.com advising me that my flight tickets can only be used for the destination to Hawaii and can not be used for another city. They told me that it was per "FEDERAL" regulations! However, I contacted the airlines directly and was told that, that was not true and that Bookit could re issue new tickets by using the credits I have on file and that Alaskan airlines were under the impression that we were being lied to and that they have the authority to rebook a new destination. So, I have had enough of companies like this!!

I contacted my attorney and will be filing a lawsuit against bookit for fraud, undiscloser violations and the list goes on. DO NOT, and I repeat this "DO NOT" use this company for any of your travel needs! Me and my fiancé are now going to go into an actual Travel agency to get my tickets and honeymoon package booked in. Folks, convenience on the internet does not always mean that you will get what you are paying for.

Go to a travel agency where you can get your tickets and travel packages right their in hand!



In November 2011, we used Book It to reserve two ocean view rooms at an all inclusive in Playa del Carmen.When we arrived in March 2012, the hotel said Book It did not reserve ocean view rooms for us.

We tried, and the hotel tried to contact Book It from Mexico, but we couldn't get through to them.I finally got through to them when we returned home, but they refused to refund the extra we paid for the ocean view rooms.


I too was a victim of what appeared to be the Book.It/Planet Hollywood timeshare scam. Incredibly disappointing experience. Stay away from Book.It.


Avoid BookIt. I did not get the package I paid for...can't prove it, but suspect the whole deal was a time share scam that both the hotel (Planet Hollywood Towers) and BookIt were in on. Too many disappointments to mention about the way I was handled and the under-delivery of product, but if you are reading this...please save yourself some heartache and go another route.


BOOKIT.COM is by far the worst way to make reservations!A suite with two bedroom was ordered through BOOKET.COM.

However, the charge was for two hotel suites for a total of four bedrooms. The bill was twice what it should have been. When the confirmation was received, Booket was notified. They said the bill was correct - a two bedroom suite.

When we arrived at the hotel, the hotel confirmed we had two suites with two bedrooms each.

The hotel and us attempted to call Booket, but with no assistance.NEVER AGAIN!!!



AS with any company, especially competing with the "big dogs" in the online travel agency world, this TOO is bound its problems.Come to think of it, I think I've had minor problems with all travel agencies.

Bookit.com may have technical errors sometimes and may have miscommunications, but I'm sure they do their best in offering you the best help they can at the time in which you call and advise them of your situation. ALL travel agencies will have a hold time and ALL will have to review all options possible especially to get you with the best one available. Bookit.com is an amazing company, and yes I've used others as well, however with sales and bargins Bookit.com stands why out compared to the others in the field. Dont get discouraged because of one ecperience or one try.

If at first you dont succeed try and try again!

Don't always take the negative out and believe it when the positive is just as overpowering.Bookit.com rocks!

to Annon. Manassas, Virginia, United States #589198

As a marketer, I know that you are probably one of their employees, hired to do damage control.No one has money to waste "trying" to get quality from a travel agency.

We will take our money elsewhere.:(


I used bookit so far only one time. I only heard of it via billmelater.com. In January we purchased a weekend package (hotel, car, flight). we chose that secret package where you see the name of the hotel and car type after you pay. The description was a 5 star hotel for less then $100 a night. I'm glad we chose that package because after we paid the name of the hotel was the Trump Tower and a luxury car at the economy price. We LOVED the hotel! Out of I believe 60 floors, we were on the 56th! I was awesome!

In all we were very pleased with the experience from bookit. We'll probably use it again sometime this year for a cruise. Sorry to hear about everyone else's experience.

We did however call the hotel and car agency to confirm the price, so maybe you need to make sure you do that. :grin


OKAY, first of all, any comment previous mine should not believe in what they say.APPARENTLY, from my experience and my friend's, book it.

com is "NOT" reliable, DO NOT BELIEVE IN THEIR COMMENTS! They might be advised to do so. People who booked from here should DEFINITELY check their credit card history whatsoever. And realize how Bookit.com Company charge their credit card for amount worth more than $100 before they actually book their hotels.

I booked here and had a same experience. BOOK IT. com charged my credit card worth 159 dollars!! AND it says my money is charged from "Book it.

com Miami FL" (in which I figured it is equivalent to Bookit.com's company address) on my credit card history. ALSO charged money for booking my hotel. SO PLEASE AVOID AVOID AVOID BOOKIT.

COM.DO NOT EVER EVER book your travel, and this site should be closed in future.


I have used Book It sad to say when you have a have over charge after over charge and no help from them. I book all my travel with KS Global Travel they are great!


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