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I purchase a full FAMILY vacation package from them (Round Trip, and hotel). At arrival Hotel charge me extra money, saying that prices in their website are inaccurate.

The biggest surprise came when taking our flight back, the flight back was canceled, and BookIt nor the airlines notify me. Airlines didn't wanted to help me because i didn't purchase the flight from them. BookIt was also unwilling to help me because it was not their fault the flight was canceled. Spent almost 8 hours with a crying toddler at the airport calling airlines and BookIt to see if they can help me in any way.

FUNNY!!! It was just awesome how easy the transaction with BookIt went when making the purchase over the phone, but it was pathetic and frustrating how many times the phone "ACCIDENTLY" got disconnected, and had to repeat my story every time I called because there was a new monkey answering the phone. A little brake came after the airlines was willing to give me the next flight to my destination for free but I had to wait for 2 days.

With a credit card almost at it's limit I couldn't go back to the hotel, so I ask for accommodation for me and my family for the 2 waiting days. The airlines did very little to help me (but it's was something), on the other hand on my 8-hours of frustration, for the first 6 hours BookIt employees refuse to transfer my call to a supervisor, and when it was finally transferred a heartless BookIt employee deny any help, leaving my family and me to figure it out by our own.

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