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We were expecting a beautiful place with exceptional rooms and nice views(as shown in the pictures) with all the VIP upgrades that I paid for. Instead we had a room with strong mold odor. I was taken to 6 different rooms, all had MOLD issues. I was told it was the time of the year and there was high humidity. The smell in the last room was somewhat tolerable and we didn't have more choice to stay in this one. Our concierge (Jose), brought air cleaners to help with the smell. we Lysol and opened doors to air the room. I made many attempts to call concierge line, but every single time we were put on hold, after an hour tired of waiting I decided to walk down to the Exhale Club which s the VIP club and finds a concierge that helps us find the room. We just tried to stay out of our room as much as possible just not to deal with the feeling of being sick and nauseous on a vacation we had planned and saved to go for a year. We starting speaking with other patrons only to hear they were having the same exact issues and they were told all the rooms were booked. Never the less we ended up coming home sick congested and more tired than when we went. I paid EXTRA for the VIP EXHALE and it was a total scam. AS a loyal card member for many years I hope capital One will step up and fight for their customers unlike how we were treated while we were there. The resort was at the most a 2 and a half star and was falsely advertising 5 stars. There wasn't a single guest we spoke to who was pleased or satisfied with the way we're treated or the accommodations given to them. We were told with the EXHALE VIP package there would be premium liquor (NOT) food was at the best Golden Corral buffet style with bad food and terrible service. Whoever is reading this letter DO NOT GO TO THIS RESORT!! OR YOU WILL BE STUCK IN A third world country afraid to cause to many waves like if your room is infested with mold or any other horrible scenarios. They didn't even have orange juice or cranberry juice, only orange sodas I mean really? 5 star THIS WAS A TOTAL SCAM. Realistically I should be demanding every penny I spent returning not just $850. This was a vacation from *** We were even forced to leave the concierge a good review because he kept pressuring us every single time we ran into him. It was very uncomfortable especially since we heard from another patron that a woman had been raped on the property by a staff member while we were there and my wife was begging me not to cause any issues complaining any longer. We were at some point afraid to complain anymore because we are stuck in a third world country, where we don't speak the language, we don't know anybody. We didn't want to risk our lives, so we decide to stay and thankfully we are back in the US safe.

The whole experience was a disaster!

Xhale didn't deliver to us what they offer, that was: -access to two private xhale club pools as well as a pool concierge and bar service. Upgrades like: jacuzzi on a private balcony. upgraded mini-bar and room service menus. upgraded bath amenities and even a pillow menu!

upgraded access to a private restaurant for breakfast and lunch, afternoon hot and cold hors d'oeuvres, exquisite desserts, fine liquors in the lounge and a complimentary newspaper in suite daily upon request.

we DIDN'T received ANY of this Upgrades or Xhale services!

We don't understand how this place is rated almost 5 star on BOOKIT.COM, is completely FALSE!

Reason of review: the worst experience ever. Refund for Xhale club.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Bookit Pros: What they were selling, Theoretical price, Prices, Theoretical.

Bookit Cons: Service.

  • Ripped-off
  • not as advertised
  • worst Bookit
  • Scam rip off
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