Irvine, California
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If there is negative stars option I will totally use that. This is my first time writing review for anything, I feel like I need to let everyone know what a scam this website is!

It is not my first time booking hotel on

the previous experiences are normal, nothing out of the ordinary, but THIS TIME made me realized what a scam this website it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here the deal, I was going to Vegas with friends, long story short, they charged me almost $200 more than what the hotel charge is!!!

When I checked out the hotel, they gave me the statement, and it was almost $200 cheaper than what the website charged me!!!!

when I called and asked. the representative told me it's normal that their price are different than the hotel price (of course, that's why people went on your website instead of the hotel website ), but by different price, you guys charged me almost $200 more than what the hotel's actual room fee!!! How is any of this sound right??????????

Knowing this could happened with their website, I will never use it again and tell everyone around me not to use their website!!! it's a total scam!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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You cant blame a website if u dont fo your homework on hotels and pricing...most hotel chains have third party vendors who usually charge fees which makes it higher than stated in some cases but u can't blame the site if the hotel is *** when u arrive etc..


complain to Florida Department of Agriculture Department of Consumer Affairs, a fraud investigation will ensue


So if I call this department I wonder will they look into why this company charge my card after the hotel know that I never check into the room an I call to make sure the hotel cancel my room with them that I won't be charge which they did now i'am out $165 for something I didn't use.


Did you ever try to see the hotel's rates were a published rate? if so then they could have looked into price matching.

If it was not a published rate, then not Bookit or any other website would have been able to price match.

Also did that price include any kind of strictly hotel promotions or discounts? If so then they would not be able to price match, nor would any other website. It would have to be a published, public rate.

Did you try to use a military or AARP discount? I don't know of any hotel website that takes these kinds of discounts.

There are many reasons why the hotel rate would be lower.


We just had a similar issue today with Brooks tickets...we clicked on the venues first link and somehow ended up on this site. Tickets sold for $265 but ticketmaster is reading them for $75. Please let me know if there was a way for you to fight these charges

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