I made my reservation through bookit.com July 25 and purchased travel insurance because my parents are traveling from another country and may not receive their traveler visa. Well, things just happens as we thought.

I tried to cancel our trip because I thought it suppose to be easy since I purchased insurance right? It is what insurance for. It takes forever to call the troll free number and the customer service is non-sense. All I hear is please call someone else, there's nothing I can do, blah blah blah.

Okay, so I called travel insurance company (I can't believe I have to call separate companies) and I'm being told I can only cancel my trip if there's nature disaster happened by the time I travel. Seriously?? That is why people buy insurance for their trip? because everybody thinks their home is going to be attacked by storm while they travel?

You CANNOT cancel your trip for any reason but you died or your home got crashed.

I'm extremely pissed and I have to pay vacation that I'm impossible to go. This is ridicules.

Location: Billerica, Massachusetts

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