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I booked a vacation package for myself and my boyfriend on 2/12/2011 to Las Vegas. When I clicked the "bookit" button, and reread all of my flight info I found out that they had completely changed all the flights from what I had chose in the previous screens. I immediatly called to figure out what happened, the customer service rep said sometimes the website does that and that she could get me on the correct flights for an extra $130.00 per person ($260 total). I was so upset at the time I said ok just book the correct flights and I will pay the $260. She sent the itinerary to me via e-mail and everything looked fine. At that point my bank account had been charged $703.00 as promoised and I was awaiting the extra $260.00 charge to show up. Two days later I looked at by account and it said I was overdrawn by $-1900.00!!! I looked into the details and saw TWO seperate charges for $1215.80 each. I again immediatly called BOOKIT.COM. I waited on hold for approx. an hour to get to the right person that could try and help me, finally I talked to a supervisor she assured me that something went drastically wrong on their end and that one charge would be dropping off and the other I would be recieving a check in the mail in 7-10 buisness days for. I was happy to at least be getting a refund on the overcharges. The next day the one charge dropped. But I was still overcharged over $1500+. So I waited and waited for my check in the mail.

On the 10th day I was getting worried, I had missed my car payment, my rent was due in 3 days and my account was occuring overcharges everyday that passed. I call again, I talked to a different person this time and she let me know that my check was sent out on the 25th and it would be here in 3 days.

So again I waited, 3 days passed, still no check I called AGAIN, this time someone assured me my check was in the mail and I would recieve it in 3-5 more buisness days... WTF first its 7-10, then 3 days now another 3-5???

There is something wrong with this buisness, with all the other reviews I have read I guess I'm not the only one with this problem. I have contacted a lawyer and will be contacting the BBB now that I have a recorded message and e-mail with all the things promised to be refunded to me.

The only problem is I have no money, my account is still negitive so all my direct deposit paychecks just go against the balance, I have no money to pay my rent, my car or by any food for my family. Still waiting on this "check" that was suppose to be sent... DO NOT USE BOOKIT.COM EVER

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Vacation Package Booking.

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Please accept our sincere apologies for the situation you described. At we take Customer Support very seriously. Upon reviewing your booking I see one of our Resolutions Representatives is personally assisting you with your concerns.



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