I will NEVER book with bookit.com again, and I make sure to inform everyone NOT to use this site! They scammed us.

Back in October I had booked a trip with my sister to Cancun to stay at the Riu. We had stayed there 2 years prior and loved it. We saw that they did a 30 million dollar renovation and decided to book again and check it out. We booked through bookit.com, and FOUR days before we were suppose to leave, I get an email telling us they need to relocate us due to that fact that the Riu wasn't honoring any reservations by bookit.

Without giving us an option on places to stay, they relocated us. Come to find out, we were not even in Cancun. We got relocated to Rivera Maya in the middle of no where. It costs $50 each way for a cab ride into Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

On top of that, it was an all honeymooners resort that they stuck us at. Definitely NOT what we were looking for. One of the days we decided to take a trip into Cancun and talk with the RIU. We showed them the email we had received before the trip from Bookit.com.

They told us that they are in fact doing business with bookit, and what had happened is that bookit didn't confirm our reservations like they should have back in October when we booked, and waited too long until the Riu was filled.

Therefore, they had to relocate us. I called the company when I got home to tell them how upset we were about our vacation, and their only solution was offering us a $50 voucher if we booked back through them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Guilford, Connecticut

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Same exact thing just happened to me.also with rui in puerto vallarta just last week.they didnt offer me ***..i used them 5 times before but never again never...you just cant treat people like that i got an email 11 days before my trip..sooooo frustrating..lousy customer service..


i also booked at the golden parnassus for a stay from 1-27-16 to 1-31-16. When we arrived we were told that bookit did not pay and all jan reservation were cancelled.

I booked this trip in sept of15 and paid in full.

Bookit knew on jan 15 that this was the case but did not contact me. To stay i paid another 1600.00, bookit said they will refund me that amount, we see


Thanks for posting this. We also booked and paid in full for a trip to the Golden Parnassus in Cancun on October 1, 2015 and 15 hours before our trip 1-25-16 we were called and told due to an internal error the Golden Parnassus had no rooms for us and said that we had a choice of two other resorts and it would cost us another $300.00.

Make a long story short our vacation spot we ended up to was nothing like we had originally choose and not in Cancun. Boookit.com claims that when The Golden Parnassus came to collect there payment that the was an internal error with the payment exchange which they do a week before the stay is too take place.

We were very upset, we got $250.00 to use for there site for a hotel stay but we will more than likely book a place to find out there will be no room when we get there. I agree with you they are a scam and we are telling everyone as well DON'T USE THEM!


Sounds familiar, we just had the same type of issue. We called the resort when we found out and they told us they cancelled their contract with bookit. I see it as a company not to be trusted.

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